Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tooth Fairy Mom

The tooth fairy tradition is proving to be quite a bit beyond my capabilities as a mom.

In my defense, the kids always seem to loose a tooth when I have no money on hand:-)

It is not uncommon for me to forget...So last Wednesday night, Daddy pulled out Brooks' 5th tooth!

I was admonished, excessively I might add, not to forget to place money under the pillow.

Naturally, come bedtime for me. I forgot. I've been harassed off and on every day since then. Kenna reminds us of the story of one of her teeth. I kept forgetting and one day, just handed her a dollar. She was glad for the dollar, but really wished it could have been done properly.

I feel guilty.

But not guilty enough to remember, obviously.

So last night, six days after the tooth fell out, when I went to check on him before I tucked myself in, I found this note by his head:

Needless to say, I busted out laughing, raided my purse for spare change, found 70c and put it in an envelope under his pillow.

Until the next tooth falls out... :-D

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