Sunday, December 28, 2014

Master Bathroom

Who doesn't tear into their bathroom on Christmas Adam? Well...probably most people. Naturally though, we are not most people, and decided to take advantage of the long weekend, and the Christmas bonus - so we're getting the master bathroom done! It looks like we will try to be on track for getting this house on the market for August-ish, so renovations will be plenteous in the days ahead!

Kenna: Uh, did you know Dad turned your bathroom into a pile of rocks?

Our new chosen tiles. The flooring and two side walls of the shower stall will be the grey, and the back shower wall will be white (with light grey-ish marbled look to it), and the floor within the shower stall will be the cobblestones, to help with slippery-ness:-)

They go together well, we think (and hope!!)
The house had to be "jacked up" from the crawl space in the area of the bathroom door. The house had settled and it was discovered that the bathroom wall lies in between the joists underneath, instead of on one, so that allowed the weight of the wall/house to settle in that spot. There is a crack in that wall, and the door didn't close properly, so we knew the issue existed. This has to be dealt with before tile is laid, as any shift in the floor could crack the new tile. Thank goodness for Brian the handy-man! He can deal with these issues with relative ease.
The floor has to be sloped just a little bit, toward the drain

Taking a peek at the "look" and making sure all angles are right

Now the shower pan liner is down (heavy vinyl) and the next step is getting some tile on there!!
We checked out the plumbing supply place showroom on Boxing Day, and made our final fixture selections - we had picked out some "winners" online, but seeing in person is really the best way to go, for me anyway. We chose the Delta "Dryden" series, in brushed nickel. We got the plumbing parts for 'behind the wall' right away, and the fixtures should arrive in the mail on Tuesday.
This style, only this pic is showing it in stainless steel, not brushed nickel
The sink faucet - this pic is showing the brushed nickel colour
as far as the overall look of the bathroom - we are going for something like this:

We're switching it up a little - but the overall theme will be the same - simple, "easy", clean lines, to create a spacious feel. We are obviously not going 100% white everywhere, with grey floor tile, however, vanity, countertop and paint will all be white (while vanity and sink have not been 100% chosen out yet). So this inspiration is helping to keep us on track, even though we are changing it up just a little.

We have enough tile to do the floor in the main bathroom also, and that one will have a tub, so no cobblestones, but both bathrooms will have a similar feel, using the same tiles and fixtures.

Our theme for the inside of this house is/will be: grey, black and white. Partially because we love the look, but mostly because so does everyone else. Since we will be selling the house and not living in it, some of the choices we make are based on "mass appeal" and not personal preference. In fact, we've already had our mind changed (by others) on a few of our design choices/colour choices.

We'd really love to do a trough styled sink, which, with 2 faucets, would be the only way we'd be able to pull off a "double sink" in there due to also needing counterspace. So we are looking for something within our budget that is almost like the one above, only more narrow and long. We'll see what we can find!! Otherwise it's maybe opinion? What is yours? Do you go with 1 sink and have more counterspace, or 2 sinks and give up the majority of the counter?

Everyone keeps saying that 2 sinks in the master is pretty crucial, but I am of the opinion that counterspace in a master is also necessary for hair and makeup, so if it's gotta be one or the other, I'd take counterspace over the extra sink. What to do, what to do...

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