Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Missing Sam

We had a very sad week, last week. We heard the news through people/prayer chains at church on Monday evening - Samuel was hit by a car, and is being rushed to the hospital.

The rest of the news came shortly thereafter. Samuel died at 5pm on Monday December 1st.

Sam was 8 years old, in Kenna's class, and a friend of Brooks. His parents are Kenna's Sunday School teachers, and I am Molly's teacher (Sam's older sister). This is not to say that we are all best friends or anything, but we are certainly well enough connected to the family that this tragic accident makes a very big impact.

Sam was riding a Hot Wheels bike in his cul de sac on Monday afternoon at 3:30, when a neighbour, in a large van hit him. The police are saying it was just a complete accident and no charges were laid.

Don & Melynda, and their family - Hannah, Elijah, Molly, Nathan, Samuel (red tie), Noelle & Isaiah

Don, the Dad, is a medical doctor, and they decided a few years ago to become missionaries. They came to our church to attend the seminary that is there. and this picture is from his seminary graduation. They will be going to Bangladesh.

Sam's funeral was on Friday, and although very very sad, it was sweet too. My facebook status update from Friday perhaps says it best...

We sorrow, but not as those without hope. Sweet Sam is being laid to rest today. His funeral was a testimony to lives, rooted in faith, hope and love. Please continue to pray for Don & Melynda Curtis, as they walk the darkest of days a parent can face. Melynda, like a true mama, brave and strong, was sure to comfort my kids today, and make sure they were alright as they said goodbye to their friend. Sam is loved, and missed." Funerals are really not the best places for children - and it was very unfortunate that the first funeral my kids attended (that they will remember) was one of their friend. It was an open casket, and we opted not to take Grey for the viewing, but left it for a choice, with the other two. They choose to go, and I am glad they did.
Please pray with us for this family, and also the person who hit Sam - he is also going through a very dark time right now, and also for the other children that were outside playing and witnessed the accident. They seem to be extremely strong and living through grace, but with everything so new, and so many people involved, each grieving in their own way- there will be many hard times ahead as they face such a range of emotions.

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