Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Gifts Thank You!

We had a wonderful Christmas, and this post will serve as a big THANK YOU note to all, especially those who were not present for the presents;-)

We celebrated this year with the Bolger family, everyone came into town, so that was really nice of course. Christmas Day, we also added our local friends-like-family, Tom and Chae, and Dale's parents to the mix, so we had a really full house and LOTS of presents to give and receive!

Brian's self portrait from a stocking stuffer gift from Mrs Kitty (Dale's mom)

Boxing Day fun. Grandpa is helping Grey build his Lego set - it was his gift from the Kennedy cousins gift exchange

New leggings and vest from Grandma B

Grey's big gift this year, from Mommy & Daddy - a brand new bike!! None of our kids have ever had a brand new bike before (always handmedown ones), so this was a pretty big deal for him!

A few favourite things - well, EVERYTHING is a favourite thing!! A "batting coach" (that long pole looking thing), Bey wheels, a football & stand for kicking it, and an apron!

Some family gifts. A Frozen themed "Sorry" game, and a Hippopotamus. We love the song "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas", so this will be our special Christmas stufftie. We named her Shirley, in honour of Shirley Temple, who sang the song, and who passed away this year. 

Kenna is wearing her apron, and holding a Frozen piggy bank, that lights up and sings the entire version of Let It Go when money is inserted (Thank you Uncle Dale;-). She is also holding a Tinkerbell fairy that actually flies.

I ordered one of these necklaces for my mom. I saw the style, and got her a K-13, as there are not many of this type of personalized jewelry that she can have that will fit everyone in her family! She has a larger more fancy style one with all the kids names on it, but when I saw this casual styled one, I thought it would be a nice variety for her. I mentioned to some of my sisters in law that I loved it and was tempted to also buy one for myself, but resisted. My brother Brent got me this beauty for Christmas. LOVE.

The kids were given led bed lamps for nighttime reading, and more Calvin & Hobbes collection books (their fave!). Grey got a much beloved Rescue Bot - Auto Bot - Dino Bot --- I am not entirely sure how that works or which one it is, but he loves it. Also foam swords and a candy cane hockey stick they got for advent

Brian got a flying helicopter, and he loves it!!

Lauren made us this "welcome" sign, and I love it! It means A Hundred Thousand Welcomes in Gaelic, and is pronounced "Cade Meal-eh Fault-eh" (we think! ;-)

I got the crèche for my Willow Tree nativity set. Oh my!! I love this set sooo much!! I think the only pc I am "missing" now, is a background row of stars. This is probably my favourite Christmas decoration.

Kenna bought this lovely sign for me at the Awana store;-) The kids did a wonderful job shopping for everyone at the store. Brian got a really heavy duty tape measure and 2 flashlights and a headlamp. Grey gave the flashlight and headlamp set, and gave Brian the wrapped gift saying "Here. You're going to like this one" :-) Grey gave me a $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, and I got a very nice travel coffee mug from Brooks (monogrammed randomly with a "W", lol!). He said, "Open it! There's something inside!" So I opened the mug, and there was a paper inside, so I pulled it out and read the "dishwashing etc" instructions on the made in China tag. :-D

Last years bird meets this years owl...and McD's furby from Grey. Haha
The kids are SOOOO excited to give the things they made and bought with their Awana points. When shopping at the Awana store, everything comes home wrapped and labeled, so I literally have no idea or input. The gifts are totally their choices, and it's really sweet to see how they think about what each person might like. Lauren has a little collection of windchimes hanging on her porch, and Kenna got her a really nice windchime to add to her collection. Sort of like last year, with the headless angel from Brooks (highlight moment of last year) "Here Mom, I got you this...but the head fell off". It was a 'willow tree styled' (knock off Willow Tree) angel to add to my nativity. Uhhh, unfortunately though, it didn't have a head :-D

Thank you all, friends and family near and far, for making our day full of fun and memories!

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