Monday, December 22, 2014


Well, I promised we wouldn't do it. But here we are with another exciting, family growing, announcement...

Can you guess?

Are you nervous?

I am!

I am definitely on my way to 40...but yet solidly in my 30's. So really - I'm young, right? RIGHT?! Please assure me!

I am definitely too young to be known as the crazy cat lady.

But here I am.

Yes - we got another cat. Have mercy!

I'd like to introduce you to Thatcher (Thatch & BT for short. In keeping with the Tom Sawyer theme for the kitties, we have named this little girl Becky Thatcher)

Can't see her? Haha!! Neither can we!

No...she's not imaginary.

Lil Thatch is the sister of Huck & Sawyer. They were born/lived in the industrial park where Brian works. Huck was caught at 6 weeks old, Sawyer was caught about a month later. Thatcher was caught on Thursday. She is 7 months old, and obviously extremely wild at this point. They were finally able to catch her in this large live trap, with a can of tuna fish.

She was taken to the vet immediately, and the vet couldn't even touch her. She had to be put to sleep to administer flea meds, and then while she was out, they spayed her and took care of all her other health needs.

It was decided that we would care for her, and attempt to tame her. This will be a lengthy process, no doubt. She came to our house immediately from the vet after she woke up. We opened the cage...and she's gone!

Well, not "gone". We are keeping her in the garage, but there are so many little nooks, crannies and "behind things" that she is extremely hard to get a peek at.

She is solid black, and looks just like Huck, only she has short/normal hair, not long hair (Huck's long hair is soooo gorgeous).

Step 1 - keep her in the garage, and don't try to catch her:-) We let Huck and Sawyer into the garage for lengthy periods of time, so hopefully, she'll start to get used to them, and think of the garage as home. We basically use the garage entrance as our front door, and our pantry, chest freezer and extra fridge are down there, so we are "around" without being threatening to her. She has been using the litter box we put down there, so that hurdle is already down:-)

Step 2 - we'll leave the garage to house door open, and let her come up into the house as she explores. Once she's in the house, we will attempt to "trap" (by closing the door) her in the master bedroom/bathroom. Again, by letting the other cats in there, but obviously we'll be around a lot more, so she can get used to people by being limited to a confined (but large enough) space.

Step 3 - attempt (adults only) to touch her.

Step 4 - give her away - If we are able to successfully tame her, we will find her a new home, as I am not interested in another indoor cat. If she is unable to be tamed, we can keep her as an outdoor cat. I don't mind throwing food outside for her - just don't want another cat in the house 24/7.

So we'll see how this goes! The kids like to browse around the perimeter of the garage and see if they can spot her from a distance. Kenna is beyond thrilled that we now have 1 girl cat to go with the two boys. Because now the cats match the people.

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. :-)

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