Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentines Day

It was a low-key celebration, as it is most years for us. I was given a giftcard to the Olive Garden for my birthday. We decided to go out to eat on Thursday night after bball and cheer, since restaurants are impossible on Valentines Day. The giftcard was enough for each kid to pick their OWN children's meal, which was a pretty big deal to them. They usually share a kids meal, or share with Brian or I. We boxed up most of the food they were served to bring home and eat the next day - which is why we never order them their own meals. It's basically a waste of money, when they don't eat very much:-)

But, ever since going to the OG in DC with the Kennedy family, they have been talking about it, as the best place on earth.

"Sometimes, they make you wait a really long time to go in, but it's toooootally worth it" - Kenna

So we had a special family night, and they each got to peruse the menu and select a meal - Kenna and Grey choose Pizza with a broccoli side, and Brooks was very torn between cheese ravioli, or the pasta and chicken fingers. He ended up choosing the chicken fingers, spaghetti, and broccoli as his side, and he enjoyed it. Although, he kept mentioning that he wished he could taste how awesome the ravioli would be:-) (Funny: My kids ALWAYS choose a broccoli side, when they are given the choice. It's funny! Other options usually include grapes or oranges, but all 3 of them prefer broccoli. It makes us laugh - who's kids are these?!) The kids adored every bite, even the bruschetta appetizer! The OG has never had higher praise than from my kids, I can pretty much guarantee that. They were even ecstatic about the manner in which they stacked the "skinny cups" (wine glasses, upside down in a pyramid).

On Friday I did a bit of baking - they were begging me for a giant cookie. "Each their own" like I did a few years ago...I said I would make one to share, and that was a good compromise:-)

I have been wanting to practice my icing freehand designs and stuff. I have never really done it, and I'd like to practice and perfect the skill. I thought the cookie would be a good chance for my first practice session.

I about died - and it didn't even look that great. My hands are NOT strong enough (my icing was not too thick), my forearms were killing me. Definitely a work out, and its really hard to get circular lines with no "pointy spots" - I will need a lot more practice. And perhaps a slightly bigger decorating tip.

Just for the sake of interest, I used the larger round tip (not a super sized one, but the normal round one), going over my small round tip design. It was soooo much easier to keep circles "round" and stuff. So perhaps a slightly larger tip for practice would be good - not killing my arms/hands and letting me get the hang of it:-)

It was pretty ugly but it tasted great!
XOXO cupcakes! yummy and cute. These are little tiny ones, not normal sized ones.
Valentines evening, Brian was supposed to be working late (another reason we choose Thurs to go out) - but he came home to hang out with me and watch Olympics instead, so that was really nice! We love the Olympics, and love spending time together! Win win:-)

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