Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minor Progress

Wall paper removal - It's time for some wall paper to make it's exit.
I'll say it again - it's 30 years old, and it's floral, and it's probably not anyones style anymore - however - it's well done, it's clean, it's held up well (no tears etc). So while ugly in one sense, (of being out of style), its not ugly in another sense (the house was well decorated and painted - it all matches well) BUT...it really has to go!
Our front entryway - a smallish area we decided to tackle first.

We were unsure about how easily it would come off the walls. Brian sprayed it with white vinegar and water, since we didn't have any fabric softener. He used a wall paper scoring tool we purchased from Home Depot - and it really came down pretty easily!

It came off with no damage to the walls, and took about 1.5 hours (Brian doing it alone)

My picture "matches" the wall now! :-)

Pink on the bottom!
The next rooms we'll tackle

The Dining Room

The Main Bathroom
So what will we paint in absence of the wallpaper? I've narrowed it down to a general idea - but nothing specific yet!
I'm kind of leaning toward the Revere Pewter (5 warm greys pic) - but I'm tempted by others, like Anew Gray and Agreeable Gray.  
I know for sure we need - a black (doors), a white (all trim), a lighter grey, and a darker grey. I have yet to decide how bedrooms will be done. Chances are they will be neutrals that are interesting, and easy to decorate. Easy. HAH.


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