Friday, February 14, 2014

Brooks' First Piano Song

Brooks has started taking piano lessons. He's just had his second lesson on Thursday morning. And already he can play the Olympic theme song. Sorta. Well, a painfully slow and almost indistinguishable version of the piece, anyway.

His new teacher is here in Chesapeake, and she is starting him off (he has no knowledge of music notes etc), in a different way than Kenna's teacher started her off. It's interesting to see the different methods used. This teacher, Miss Jenny, starts off the kids by learning the timing of the notes (whole, half, quarter etc) and what that looks like, and then numbers them 1 - 5 for the fingers of the basic notes middle C - G. I don't know that I've seen that before - seems like most try to teach the notes and their placements, first. Then onto timing and other things. Miss Jenny writes out songs they know, so they can feel quite accomplished quickly too:-)

Since the Olympics is a fan fave right now, well, why not play the theme?! His main focus this week is the timing of the notes, and the correct fingering (number 1 - 5 are written under the note on the page). So far, I'm intrigued by this method, but I'm liking it!

(Kenna is still taking lessons from her regular teacher, we are committed there through the end of the school year, but since we've moved farther away, we'll likely switch her over for next year)

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