Friday, February 21, 2014

Microwave Popcorn Recipe

Well, this is probably over-explained. But hey! That's my specialty! Actually, the reason I am being so thorough, is because I heard about this years ago. But I am afraid of fire. And I thought for sure I would cause one - so I didn't ever try it.

Have you heard that microwave popcorn is bad for you? The butter "chemicals" in there and stuff is, well, not real food by any stretch.

So you can air pop instead. We have an air popper. And when you turn it on, it sounds like a 747 is revving up for takeoff in your kitchen...and your livingroom...and the bedrooms. You basically have to pause all activities in your entire house and SHOUT while it pops. So microwave just seems easier, quicker, and quieter, and overall more appealing.

Mind blowing fact - you can pop popcorn in the microwave without Orville Redenbachers "this side down" seal of approval. All you need is popcorn and a paper bag. And it won't start a fire.

You need - a normal brown paper lunch bag and regular popcorn kernels that you would normally air pop.
A little less than 1/4C of seeds going into the bag
Fold the bag over a time or two
Place the bag folded side down in your {not clean}

Press the "popcorn" button, but do not stray far. Same rules apply as the "fake" popcorn - once the popping slows, take it out, or it will burn.
All popped! A personal sized bag! You can add some salt, melted butter or other topping as desired, give it a shake to distribute, and you're done.
It's easy! And quiet! And the kids love getting "each their own" :-)

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