Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Uh Oh

Well, surely these are not exciting renovation updates by any stretch. But we've hit our first little "snag" with our Willow house. We took down the main bathroom wallpaper on Sat night - and although the wallpaper was fine (not molded or damaged by looking at it) we discovered this underneath it

Water damage from ceiling
Water damage around toilet

Water damage behind toilet
BOOO!! So, we've got some investigating to do - How old is the damage, is it getting worse, has problem been fixed...and fixing then up the walls. Thankfully, since I'm married to an expert on the subject, it's not a major concern or issue, but just one of those things you need to deal with.

Life is certainly made easier when their is no water damage:-)

On the bright side - and I say that tongue in cheek - our hallway is fairly blinding right now, when the lights are on. It's amazing how colour sucks the light from a space. Sometimes that is not a bad thing. Now I need to wear sunglasses in the house. Haha.

The reason for brightness? White paint!! Brian had a lot of Sherwin Williams paint left over from a job, and it's white. It's one of their high quality paints, so we decided to use it for a little free priming paint! It actually has a "name", it's not their untinted white, but it looks plain white to me.

This long hall used to be green

This front hall used to be paper on the top, and pink paint on the bottom
We are planning/hoping to paint all the trim in place, without removing it and putting it back up. We will have to paint it in a primer that will allow paint to permanently stick to the stain that is already there. We discovered, when taking the wallpaper down, that they stained it in place too - which is kind of weird. If this doesn't work (if the stain to paint transition will not work properly) then we'll replace all the trim with new white trim, but we'd like to spare that expense and just paint if we can.

Only two more rooms with wall paper to come down:
The kitchen

The master bathroom
 We're really hoping we don't find any more surprises under there!

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