Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yearly photo shoot stress...what to wear. I like to stick with something fairly neutral, and "going together" without being too matchy-matchy -- but different than the year previous...So then it's finding something where we all kinda have something that works. It usually results in me pulling out everything we own! "How many clothes are we bringing?!" Brian says:-/

I do tend to get compliments on our choices each year, so thank you. That makes me feel good, and I like knowing that the choices I made were somewhat timeless - or well-received in any case. And, it IS kind of fun to "shop in your closet" and come up with things to wear that are different than the norm! I didn't buy anything new, just made it work with what we have! (which is what I've done every year:-)

Wardrobe on the cheap - (if ever we do buy something, it's always on sale --you know me and my deals!!)

Brian - hand-me-down sweater. Jeans he's owned for years (Old Navy $15). Shoes, new this year $20.
Darla - hand-me-down shirt & sweater. Target jeans from 2 years ago ($7). Hand-me-down shoes
Kenna - sweater dress & scarf, Walmart $8. Boots, Walmart $13
Brooks - shirt, Ross $5, jeans from last year (Old Navy, $10), shoes, new this year $12
Grey - hand-me-down shirt & vest, hand-me-down jeans, hand-me-down shoes (these are passed on from Brooks, but were hand-me-downs to Brooks too! The vest is from Uncle Lehman...he is now 14 years old!)

I was sorta pushing for Brian to wear his cream sweater, which was a Christmas gift from a few years ago, but he preferred the grey one. I thought it might tie in with Kenna's cream and silver better...but in the end I didn't mind either way, I think they both look/would've looked nice!

As the kids age, we get fewer hand-me-downs for them. This summer and fall/winter were the first times in their lives that I had to take stock on what we had for Kenna & Brooks and purchase things to make a complete wardrobe! Hand-me-downs are an amazing money saver, that is for sure! We are so grateful for everyone who has passed down their kids stuff over the years!

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