Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bye, Couch

We decided this year that when it came time to replace the couches, we would not be replacing all of them. We do love having "enough seats" for everyone when we have people over. But we just felt we could use the floor space more efficiently. (In the living area we had 2 reclining couches, 1 reclining loveseat and 1 reclining chair)

So the time came...sort of. The couch didn't really NEED to be replaced, however, the sides of the cushions were cracking after almost 10 years of use/abuse. And then we had to move everything for Thanksgiving, and we set up the tree...and we really just wanted the space.
So we gave it away. We know a young guy that just got his own place, with no furniture, so we thought he could make good use of it, and wouldn't care about the cracks on the sides of the cushions.

Couches, in configuration you've always seen. Plus mess, and the 6 little kids that created it.

A normal looking scene around here:-) (the big chair is hiding behind the tree)
So we moved out the leather couch, put the loveseat in it's place, moved the chair to the location of the loveseat, and picked up all the toys. Presto! (and yes, the table is oriented the other way too. Makes the kitchen seem bigger as well!)
After pic. We all love it!

Wow. Open floor space. Yes!!


The tree, 2012 - Kenna decorated this all by herself this year, with me just overseeing the process. She did a great job placing the ornaments!

Kenna wanted me to take this one, and Brooks did not want to pose. She told him she would "do anything" if he would cooperate. So, after the picture was taken, he demanded that she buy him a Nerf gun. LOL

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  1. Now you can snuggle on the snuggle seat and still watch tv! ;) It really does open up the room with the couch gone.