Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Pics

Nothing too big going on around here. Normal Christmas prep - I think we pretty much have all the gifts we need for people, now it's on to wrapping and stuff. Fun. The kids have been having so much fun opening the advent calendar and building their nativity scene, piece by piece. As soon as they wake up they come into my room (since of course I'm still in bed;-) and beg for today's envelope. It's been a surprisingly relaxing Christmas season, and we're so grateful for that!

You'll never guess what this's basketball practice. Disadvantage #1, you need a sister to hold the net up for you. Disadvantage #2, sister risks getting hit in the face with every single shot. And yes, the boy is still playing basketball with a soccer ball...Christmas is coming!
I clothes-napped this sweatshirt from my brother Brent...about 13 years ago. It's still my comfiest go-to. It's full of holes/threadbare in places now and the zipper doesn't work. But I'm keeping it:-)
Catching up on the Sports News is very male-bonding. They all love to do it together
Ardyn brought her Princess Minnie hat over...and we just happened to have a paper crown ready to go for the Prince. These two Honey's are a force to be reckoned with. Notice how they're holding hands:-)
Best Buds
I'm making some albums to hold fam pics from this year. The purple one will hold the summer pics, and the blue one the winter pics. Can't wait to show the finished product! I "invented" these on my own, based on online inspiration, but it was really fun!

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