Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pinterest Successes

We did this idea with our little homeschool co-op. One of the Mom's found it on Pinterest, and it's a wonderful twist on a gingerbread house - A nativity scene!

Our pics...
Here's our version! The kids made it themselves with no help from me! (Cresh and manger were premade the day before by me - using royale icing, so it was nice and sturdy. Each family made one to share)

Somehow we made it home without a mini-candy cane staff for our orange shepherd

Super, super cute. I really love it, and it's a wonderful way to get the candy fun stuff in there while still giving the holiday a little more meaning. Gingerbread houses are...because of Hansel & Gretel? lol? I really have no idea...
I saw an idea on Pinterest a few months ago, and I thought it could be cute. I started hoarding newpapers.

When I started wrapping Brian was like, seriously, you are not using that. As if we were too poor to afford real paper or something, haha. I assured him I had a vision. In the end, he agreed with me that it looks nice:-)
using stencils I already owned, ribbon I already owned, and other crafting supplies (glitter etc) I already have...this years wrapping cost me NOTHING! And it turned out really really cute I think. Seeing all the black & white under the tree, the bold stenciled names, and a little glitter here and's really, really pretty. In a shabby chic way, I guess. But I love it!!

Everyone gets one of their gifts with a big glittery letter on it! This one is for...Lauren!


  1. My only qualm about using newspaper is the nasty black did you find it?

    Also, the kids did the nativities for Awana - difficult but fun! Jay was sick and had to stay home, so I helped him with his, and we cheated and used hot glue for the graham crackers ;0)

  2. well, after wrapping them all, my kids were a little blackish, but not bad... I figured since the ink is only touching the boxes and not the items themselves they won't ruin anything. and since kids aren't allowed to touch them under the one has black hands! So I think it's been kind of a non issue.