Monday, August 13, 2012

Swimming Pool - Video

Yesterday afternoon, Brian had a bit of work to do at one of his boss's homes (on the market currently for 1.4 mil - on the water). We were given permission to use the pool for the afternoon, while he worked! Completely fun!!

The kids were immediately in love, and, knowing it was for sale...
Kenna: We should buy this house! If we bought this house, we'd never have to go to the beach again! We should do it!!
Mom: We can't afford it though
Kenna: How much is it?
Mom: One million dollars
Kenna, jaw visibly dropping, looking impressed: Wow! Then I definitely want it!
haha, ME TOO!

We had an amazing time, and after Brian was done with working, he joined us, and some friends came too! I didn't pull the camera out then, but I should have. The big kids progressed to no water wings and real swimming, and Grey progressed to only using the water wings, and no additional floaties! There was lots of diving (complete with degrees of difficulty and tricks - thank you Olympics!), throwing people in, frisbee in and out of the water...especially once Daddy and Tom joined the fun!

Such a nice family day!!
Loving my Big Boy!

Self portrait

Water and more water! Bliss. If you lived here, you'd definitely need a boat and jet skis! :-)

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