Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heart Songs

Well, I thought I'd highlight a few old favourites from when I was a teenager. Diamond Rio.

I think I like a little drama in my music:-) There are so many happy songs out there, but I always like the sad or depressing ones. I've heard these particular sad songs a thousand times over.

I love this first song, because of the tune, the harmonies, the vocals and the lyrics. It's a sad song, but one with hope in it too, and I like that. It's my all time fave Diamond Rio song.

"...Not a day goes by that I don't curse myself and all my sins. But I need you to hold on to, while this part of me is dying. Though I haven't kicked the demons that haunt me, I'm trying" I'm Trying - Diamond Rio with Chely Wright

This next one is sad one too...but a perfect country song from start to finish

"And I bless the day I met you, and I thank God that he let you lay beside me for a moment that lives on. And the good news is I'm better for the time we spent together, and the bad news is you're gone" You're Gone - Diamond Rio

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