Monday, August 6, 2012

After Party

Since the wedding was over at 5pm, we decided to have even more fun and have a party at the beach! We brought tables, chairs, drinks, snacks, pizza...the grooms cake (why not! It wasn't eaten! :-D) and had a wonderful time visiting together.
One last wedding pic - Meghan, and Steven. Steven is a photographer and good family friend

Jake & Ann


Grey, eating

Sisters, Eileen & Maeve

Aunt Jonne and Uncle Bill

Crystal & Alan

Steven and his "Blue Steel" look
Steven & Brian, playing with Dad B & Tom.

Mrs Frank, Jesse, Mr Frank & Aunt Jonne

Sarah Catherine and Julie played with the kids and built an awesome castle

frisbee with Daddy

Can't tell by my terrible picture, but the moon was huge, perfect, and looked like it was sitting on the water, just floating in place. A beautiful end to a perfect day!

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