Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prayers Needed

Follow, pray and be encouraged...

There are two people I know, going through incredible hardships right now. They are blogging about their journey and the beauty Christ is revealing to them through their trials. Check out their stories, commit to pray for them, and their families, and be encouraged in the Lord, as we witness the wisdom and grace He is giving to these remarkable ladies.

Sarah (Life & Grace) - Sarah is a personal friend of mine, (remember this baby shower?), who is walking through one of those moments in life you hope you never have to face...her precious baby Evie, due in November '12, has a condition that will - barring a miracle - take her life shortly after her birth. We are praying hard for that miracle. But also praying for God's best and His peace. Join Sarah as she writes about the ups and downs of her journey, and commit to pray for her, and baby Evie, every time you think of them.

Fawne (Beauty in Weakness) - Fawne is a remarkable young woman that knows my family, in Alberta. I have met her only once, when Kenna was a baby, and her son, Wyatt - born with handicaps and has since passed away - was also an infant. Last week, she lost a baby at around the halfway point in her pregnancy, and her journey and insight will both make you cry and make your heart soar. (She's been writing for awhile, you will love what you find as you hop around her blog).

I am heartbroken for these girls, and the pain they've endured already in this life. I do wish these were not their stories to tell. I wish that life for them (and all of us!) could be free of the pain of losing a child. But I know there's something in it for them (and me). I don't know why God allows these things to happen and shape our lives, but He is good, and He is great, and He is able to bless beyond measure, regardless of the wreckage we see laying around us. I'm praying hard for these families, their fragile emotions, and am blown away at the beauty that is shining through, as gold. That is something only God can do.

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  1. Darla, thank you so much for this. It truly means so much to me to know that I am not alone in this journey and that people are praying for me. <3