Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Friends of ours are refinishing hardwood floors, so we kept their dog for the night (so fumes wouldn't bother the dog, and floating hair wouldn't bother the floor). This was unannounced to the kids and all went down long after they'd been in bed.

As it would happen, Kenna and Brooks were awoken in the night by what sounded to them like "dropping marbles" (his claws on the wood floors as he walked around). So they got up to investigate. At exactly 2:09am "Ohhh, it's Hatch! Look! Hiiiii Puppy!"


Moms ruin all good fun, now don't they? :-)
Good bye kisses. Grey was sad to see Hatch go back home. He loves dogs! All morning he was saying, "Hatch is bigger 'den Piper!", which is the understatement of the year, as Hatch is a Great Dane, and Piper (my parents dog) is a 15lb Cairn Terrier. :-)


  1. What happened to Hazel?

  2. Hazel had to be put down on the 28th of July :-( Multiple problems, but she basically couldn't stand up on her own anymore, and had a tumor in her chest.

  3. So sad:-( Will they get another, or wait till hatch dies to get another?

  4. I think, with a baby due soon, they are holding off on more dogs.