Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We had friends come through town on their way south last Thursday. We are at a good stopping point to break up a long trip with kids (hint hint to anyone heading south from Ontario / New York areas:-). Well anyway, these are *my* friends. I met them in Chicago, while working for the Advanced Training Institute - they were working there too. So was Brian. I thought for sure he had met them...I was there from 97-01, Brian was there in the Chicago location starting in 99...I guessed he missed meeting them, they left and got married in 99.

Of course I welcomed them, and their 5 kids...and when I get off the phone, Brian says "will I like them?" lol! No way! I thought for sure he knew them! Too funny. Well, he did like them (how could he not? We know the best people from there!), and we had a great night talking and reminiscing. All the kids got along famously!

Missing from the pictures are David & Erika of course, and then their two littlest, Aidan & Gavin (and Grey).
Graciella, Kenna, Lena, Brooks & Elliott

Lena & Kenna
We had a great evening, next time, we need to plan for a longer stay!

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