Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY: MakeUp Fix

Oh Pinterest, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...this morning I saw a pin, immediately said "GET OUT!" {Imagine yourself being shoved across the room a la Seinfeld's Elaine. It was *that* kind of get out}.

Did you know you can fix your broken powered makeup? Here is the link to the original tutorial I followed.

Nothing will ruin your day faster than dropping a beloved blush, powder or shadow, only to have it crumble. Boo. As soon as I saw this tip I immediately dug out my only current crumble. I've been saving this for about a year. And now I know why:-) {Really, I was saving it for MAC's empty container recycle turn in six empties and get a free lipstick!}. The irony of this whole situation is this: *Last night* I purchased this very same eyeshadow (MAC Sable) brand new. Hilarious.

Ok, so here's the how-to: Take your makeup crumbles. Add a drop or two of rubbing alcohol (75%) - just enough to soften the makeup and make it mouldable again.
Mush it all back together, and let sit 24hrs before using! Done!! I definitely suggest checking out the original tutorial - she goes more in depth (not that it's needed, but in case you want to hear every possibility - she explains how the alcohol works and doesn't hurt your skin), and she was "remaking" a MAC bronzing powder, and quite a lot more than the measly amount I had left. (She must've dropped a near full container!)
So now I can use this one up before breaking into my brand new one! Knowing how well MAC lasts, it'll take me another year:-)

Another great money saving tip! Yay!!

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