Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beached Whale

...no, not pics of me in my bathing suit, (ha ha), an ACTUAL beached whale! It died and washed up onto our Oceanview beach. Here is a link with some video about the whale . It was a 42 ft sei whale (or fin whale?, conflicting reports, I don't know anything about whales)

Tiffany, Ardyn's mom got Ardyn early, and took Kenna (only one not napping at the time) along with Jack to see the whale, as they were preforming a necropsy (marine life autopsy), and burying it (it washed up on Sunday, but I didn't hear about until today).

*******In the words of Kenna:
When we first got there we saw part of the mouth. I don't know, I think it was the mouth.
I didn't think it smelled bad but Tiffany and Jack said it smelled disgusting, but I guess I have a nose stuffed.
That's the skeleton
We saw the brain. It's red and it's huge and it's cut. And they put it inside a zipping bag, so then they hooked the skeleton.
They buried it in the sand so so deep
That's the head. On its mouth it had hair, well it looked like hair, but it was actually teeth. And once we saw all this goo and it was green and bubbly
They are scientist-es, so they're gonna take the mouth to their own aquarium I think. I mean, I'm not sure about that, I just think it. But Miss Tiffany said that was prolly what they'd do about it.
So her first experience seeing a dead animal was a positive one, and she wasn't grossed out! Perhaps we have a marine scientist on our hands:-)


  1. Love it! I can't believe I missed it; i would have totally brought the kids out to see it:)

  2. I literally LOL'd the first line. That's hilarious.
    Thanks for the pics of the whale too! I was really curious and would loved to have seen it in person!

  3. It was AMAZING! So glad we got to see it!