Friday, February 11, 2011

Free No More!

Well, I'm in my 5th year of blogging on My Crazy Life...but I actually started the blog almost a whole year earlier in 2006, when I was bored one day at work. And at the time, I didn't really think I had anything to write about, so I left it alone, and continued to email and upload pics onto a Kodak picture printing site and share that (logging in with my username and all!) with family and friends back home. One day it HIT me. That's what my blog is for! Sharing those pics with my family since we've moved so far away, and to a foreign country and all. And it would save me having to give my login information to everyone in the world. lol.

So last night I got a little notification. I guess 4 years of constantly uploading multiple pics, on an almost daily basis has become a little too much for Google, Blogger, and Picasa. They've seen enough of us! - If I want to continue to upload pics to my blog, I must pay for it...I've maxed out the limitations of the "free" service they provide. Pish Posh. So, seeing as that I do NOT want to go back and delete older pics to make way for newer ones, I was forced to make the decision.

You all should count yourselves as lucky. I am PAYING to put this blog up for your viewing pleasure. Nevermindthefact that it's only $5 per year. I could've bought a frappaccino with that five bucks, but I thought in the end, it was a small price to pay for the preservation of memories, stories, and the ability to share our lives with the people we love most, so they don't miss out on what we do in our part of the world.

So some of my newer blogging friends, this is what you have to look forward to in a few years...You can set aside a little "Google" savings account for the occasion.


  1. Wow! really Thanks for the heads up and I agree...$5.00 just to keep it going instead of maybe starting a new one. ;)

  2. MIGHT I ADD, cheap as I am...I did look into the possibility of starting a new one...nope. Everything is linked these days...they know who you are! It would work in theory if I created a whole new email address, blog address, just wasn't worth it to me (all my blogs are collectively putting me over the limit, and I have SIX of them). I wasn't about to go redo-ing 6 blogs just to keep adding pics, (and have this happen again in a few years!) So there you have it!

  3. thanks for being the last of the big time spenders! We are grateful!