Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthdays! - Video

Birthdays are great! They make turning older bearable anyway:-) I got a few surprises, that are semi-birthday related -mostly it's all because of Brian's stolen tools and insurance (long story), but since it was all the week of my birthday, we'll call them my gifts-. So the most exciting one to me personally is MY NEW CAMERA! Wahoo. No more terrible grainy pictures! I basically got a Canon PowerShot, the same as my old one, only the new version, since I was so happy with the old one, and it really lasted so well. Another little bonus is something Brian has been lobbying for for awhile, I think we will count it as ALL of our birthday presents...a Wii! The kids have been having a blast with it!

My camera also takes video, and does a great job! Here is the very first video ever taken, just to test it out. I've Had the Time of My Life...appropriate song choice for my birthday celebration I suppose:-)
Brooks counting. We got him away from "free, four, five" but now it's "three, thor, thive". Haha!
Lauren found me some Canadian chocolate bars at the World Market! yummmmm, Aero.
Just look at all that airy, bubbly goodness. If you aren't from Canada, you should wish you were. The chocolate and candy there will rock your world. The American options are truly horrible by comparison (haha, ok, not HORRIBLE, but man, you really don't know what you are missing!)

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