Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food and Exercise

Last night I made something new...and was it ever good! Bacon wrapped meatloaf. Get the recipe here. In an attempt to convert my husband on to one of my favourite foods, I upped the ante with BACON! He generally considers meatloaf to be "a waste of ground beef", because "it could have been a hamburger". (Good point). But it's just so comfort food yummy!

When I was younger my request for every one of my birthday meals was: Meatloaf, Scalloped potatoes, and creamed corn. Love it! If this would be any indication of our compatibility, Brian 1) dislikes meatloaf 2) hates potatoes in almost every form 3) is allergic to corn. I have a feeling we would have failed to strike up an e-harmony match up, right? :-) I love him, and all his food quirks. Just last week, he told me I should be grateful for his generous critiques of my cooking, as it has turned me into an "exceptional cook". :-)

In any case, the meatloaf was truly delicious. The kids were even asking for "more chicken". Did it convert the distinguished palate of Brian...I don't know. He didn't eat it. He had to work late (2 side projects going on), and one of the homes he was at fed him dinner. Oh well. An excuse to make it again someday!

Ready to go in the oven! It took much longer to cook than the recipes 45 min suggestion, but other than that, it was perfect!
And how am I going to work off that meatloaf? Meet my new best friend. She will help train for the 8k I am running in March, and (crosses fingers) help me lose Grey's baby weight too! I'm very grateful to a friend for loaning this to me so I can run in the comfort of my own home!

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