Monday, November 10, 2008

Hippos Everywhere

It's a real treat to hear Kenna sing one of her favourite songs, it's very cute! She knows all the words, but really makes it her own. There's a lot to the song, so I am impressed she remembers it as well as she does. "I wanna hippo-pa-namus a Chris-MOS...I don't wanna die or why-wan-a-ruses (rhinoceroses), I only like hippo-pa-namuses. An hippo-pa-namuses like me toooooooo" Kenna has been singing this song since last Christmas, it's hilarious. This particular line that I quoted is her fave part of the song, even though she gets it all wrong. Everyone cracks up that she sings I don't wanna die at the top of her lungs! My fave part is when she sings "I can see me now on Chris-MOS morning creeping down the 'tairs. Oh what joy and what a-prise..." she gets the tune spot on. Now that the season is approaching I pulled out the CD again...I heard this song at least 7 times today! If you haven't heard it, it's a cute song, check it out at the bottom of the blog page. You'll smile.

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