Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cool Dude

This little guy has suddenly turned ALL BOY. I wonder where my sweet little cuddle-bug baby went to. He likes to holler, wrestle, tackle, hit, throw/kick/catch, wear baseball hats, and watch football. It's priceless to watch him, when they all line up, he counts 1-2-3-GO! Then he yells, Run! or Good Catch! or Go Go Go! and when they all fall down he slaps his thigh and says "oooooooh man!" It's so funny to me that he actually understands whats going on. He will watch football or hockey for long periods before getting bored.

Kenna doesn't watch it at all. She comes in the room and wants to have a discussion about it, "oh it's your game Daddy? It's baseball? oooooooh, football. You like it Dad? You like football? I like football too, it's my feeve-rit" He tunes her out after about 2 seconds so it's up to me to field all the questions:-)

Lovin' his sunglasses

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