Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This is Us: Vale

Our littlest treasure. She is the embodiment of a hurricane. A really loud hurricane. She's Momma's girl for sure - but only when it really counts ("serious injury")...most of the time, she's Kenna's. We're all really different people for sure, but we have one thing in common: Vale is our favourite. It's amazing to think how we ever got on without her.

Fave food: Avocado, French fries, nuggets, rice, broccoli, tomatoes

Fave drink: Apple juice and seltzer water

Fave stuffed animals: Poosh, Auss, Skye, Minnie seem to always come to the top of a MASSIVE faves list in this area

Fave show: Paw Patrol

Fave movie: Frozen 2

Fave app: "NewTube" kids

She's tall for her age, especially for one of our kids. She's twice Kenna's size at the same age (not literally, but sure seems like it). She speaks well, counts well, "reads" well, and general keeps us on our toes. We are so privileged to watch her grow and are so entertained by her antics. Ever since she showed up on the scene, she's taken over my Instagram account with almost daily pictures, so if you follow me there, you are well versed in all things Shaunie Vale

I asked her a few of these questions directly, and these are her answers (not necessarily accurate, but cute)

What is your favourite colour? "I wike Green"

What is your favourite Movie? "Mickey...Elsa"

What is your favourite food? "um carrots"

Where do you like to go? "I wanna go a Kroger" (this is 100% accurate, she LOVES Kroger)

Who is your best friend? "oh Kenna" Ok, but who is your friend at church? "I wike Kenna"

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