Saturday, January 30, 2021

Snow Day

It snowed on Thursday! It's already all gone, and chances are that'll be it for the year (it's the first snow in 3 winters, I believe! I think it flurried a bit last year, but that was it)
All prepared - the bikes the kids left out got covered. They dried them right off and still used them that day;-)
I don't know that these little guys are supposed to get that cold, but here's hoping they survive!
I was supposed to have a super busy day, and thanks to the snow, everything was canceled and I didn't have to go to work, and the day wasn't busy at all. Brian went to work and said the roads were fine.

It was pretty, and fun, while it lasted. I have NEVER seen the boys finish school so quickly before. Once the sun started shining brightly through the window, Brooks was like "hurry! hurry! It's melting!"😂

(Vale hated it, and only lasted about 2 mins before crying because she was "sooooo coooold")

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