Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This is Us: Brian & Darla

Let's see if I can condense this into a readable synopsis - We started dating long distance in 2002 from the Toronto area, and Albany NY area - We got married in 2003, and moved from the Rochester NY area to the Virginia Beach VA area in 2004 - where we've planted some roots and decided to stay put. It means us Northerners are raising Southern babies, and trying our best to bring them the best parts of each culture. Okra has not made the cut.😏

Over the years, we've collected multiple homes, and use them as rentals. I have a love/hate relationship with being a landlord, most of the time I love it. But the day to day falls on my plate (finding renters, collecting rent, dealing with the issues that come up), and it seems like everything goes wrong all at the same time. It has been a blessing, truly of the Lord, as, looking at the bank account back in 2003, I never thought we'd own 1 home, and it genuinely is a gift to get to deal with, even the problems, of several tenants/rentals.😊

We remodel. A lot. I also have a love/hate with that process. So does Brian actually! For all the work we've done, which has been a lot, I am still not sure I could identify a circular saw or a hammer drill with out some heavy descriptors - like the exact colour, shape, and last location used. I'm so uselessπŸ˜‚ But Brian is the handiest, and puts up with the shoddy assistance well.

Brian has been in construction since our move to VA, and for the past 12 years has been in commercial contracting - and most days, he really enjoys it. There have been some serious bumps in the road, and times when it seemed like another profession might be a better choice, but in the end, it's working out. We'll see if God keeps us on this path - but it seems like for now, this is the way He's choosing to provide for us, and we are grateful.

I have had a few jobs over the years, mostly pertaining to childcare. More recently though, I went back into office-life with a job outside the home. It is very part time, and very much enjoyed. Life has presented various difficulties in various stages - but I've definitely seen God's hand in each of them. I love Young Living essential oils, everything homemade and DIY, and I'm terrible at doing hair.

We are grateful to be doing what we do, and grateful to be doing it together. It's been a wild ride, to say the least πŸ’•

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