Thursday, April 10, 2014


Piano lessons today for the older played in piano teachers backyard! It's been our first time to do so, since it's been too muddy back there until now...and there was lots to do. The littles loved it! 
Grey wanted a picture of his rock climbing skills
Biggest news of all...they have a zipline!! The kids LOVED this!

Maisy Daisy!


Sonny again, doing "tricks" this time (they liked to "spin around" and "bounce back" really hard...whatever!)
So, May, ...Now before you watch this and think I'm torturing her. It's a kid sized zipline, you are not a million feet in the air. Also, Sonny and May both are very athletic and very strong for their ages, so I knew she could handle it. Also, she was BEGGING me for "my turn now" while the boys had fun. So I got her all rigged up, and camera ready to immortalize the cute event, and then she really thought better of her decision, haha!! ...But I was all ready to go, so it was really too late to back out now:-) Watch this!

(Note: Yes, she calls me Mom/Ma. When encouraged to say Miss Darla, she calls me Masada)
Here's her pic right after that "terrifying" ride:-) She went on it 3 more times, and had a blast (pic above of her dangling is from a another run down the zipline:-)

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