Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Favourite Things

It's been awhile since I've done a "My Favourite Things" post, and I thought I'd share something with you that I LOVE.

If you are someone who bakes and takes things places, this is sooooo nice. Or even if you just bake and keep it at home, still great. I never knew it existed, actually, until my sister in law was given one at a bridal shower a few years ago. Then I borrowed all.the.time, since we were neighbours. Then I moved. My life was basically incomplete, lacking this handy thing:
This is a Snapware 2 Layer Cupcake and Cookie Carrier. I got mine from Amazon for 20.99, free shipping:-)

Great things about this handy dandy storage container - well, first of all, you are not limited to 2 layers. If you buy more of them, you could do triple, or quadruple, or more!! Haha. They just snap to each other, so there is no end to how many you can stack and carry. I intend to buy one more set of these, actually, but so far I only have 2 layers.
It is big/tall enough that cupcakes piled high with icing don't touch the top. You can easily bring 24 cupcakes to an event, without them sliding around, getting smooshed, or getting plastic wrap stuck to the icing. That alone would make it worth the investment in my mind. But it doesn't end there...
When you arrive at your party, you easily lift the tray out, and snap the handles down - no need to transfer to another tray to set out on the table!
AND, it's reversible. It does the same thing for the other side, which is smooth, so cookies, or even small cakes can go on that side.
Again, snap the handles down the other way, and set it out! So easy.
It's a sturdy and well made product. I feel there is nothing similar on the market (that I have seen, and I've looked). For an approximate $20 price tag - uber worth it.
Here I have mini blueberry muffins, using the "cookie" side of the tray. I have no intention of going anywhere, but I do need to make more banana muffins today, so they will go on the bottom - keeps the flavours from melding, and they snap together to keep everything fresh on your counter - without having a bunch of different containers going on on the countertops containing all the baked goods.

I so totally highly recommend this product, it's not even funny. I seriously think you need this. And it really makes the best wedding gift ever!


  1. I googled....amazon.ca...$63.28 + $9.73 shipping...just not fair! :/

  2. watch for it in stores! Otherwise - I know what to get you for Mothers Day!! ;-)

  3. ooooh that's cool! But NOT the Canadian price...what is our PROBLEM?! doh