Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Neighbourhood

I've been trying to become a runner. For the sole purpose of losing weight/being in shape, really. So the kids come with me and run, ride bikes or scooters along side me...or waaaay up ahead of me:-) Today Brooks decided he would walk/run and take pictures of birds on the trip. I don't know that he saw any birds, but a few other neighbourhood treasures caught his eye.

I asked him to come tell me about the pictures he took, and his exact quotes are under the pictures they relate to;-) Enjoy!

I like that shed, because it's not a dirty shed. It's a nice shed, so I like it.

Yah, I don't have a sentence about this one

So, I was looking actually for houses actually, like if we want to move again, maybe we would want to move into this 'pecific house. Like, it looks like a pretty good house, actually.

That one, I was trying to get that really good house, but I took the picture too soon, but it was a really good house.

That was a little too blurry, but it had palm trees beside it
Oh, see that car? I took a picture of that car, because it looks pretty fancy. I really like that car, and I thought Grey'd like it.

That's a part of the house, I took

This one, I took of picture only of that part, cause it looks really good, right. Isn't that doorway pretty?
That one! Oh yah, the Honda! That one is so you can give it to Miss Foster on the computer. Cause it reminds me of just like their car.
I tried to take a picture of that mailbox. It's a nice one
See that house?! That was my favourite house! See how beautiful it is?

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