Friday, April 18, 2014

Cookies Galore

Ok, well, I kinda did something crazy...
I started an impromptu cookie business!
Say WHAT?! Yah, I know. I'm hardly qualified. I've posted on this blog every cookie I've made so far...sooo...that started with Hello Kitty, like, 3 weeks ago. Haha. I am FAR from experienced. This is my third "batch"/time making cookies like this.
And to the "trained eye" (like mine, HAHA) there are more errors than I can even name. But I am a bit of a perfectionist, and well, icing is kind of a hard medium to figure out. Additionally, I have the least steady hand in the world. Or at least in the cookie business. I guarantee it.

I am a testament to all you can accomplish watching youtube videos. Not kidding.

For example, I have never made a leaf in my life. I have a leaf tip, because it came in the set of basic tips from Wilton...never used once. Until these little guys. So my leaves need much work.
So, I posted pics of my lovely cookies on facebook (which I am making these as thank you gifts, actually). Lots of rave reviews, and people messaging me asking about orders and stuff. So I made an fb "business" page, just to keep it separate from my Personal page.

I called it Cookies & Cupcakes by Darby Jane. I feel like I need better title. Anyway, it was all that was coming to me yesterday morning when I did it:-) So since yesterday morning - I have orders for
400 cookies
150 cookies (still tentative)
25 cookies
a smash cake and cupcakes
and an undetermined number of cookies for a wedding

Um, WOW. Ok. Not bad for 1 day in business, I guess, right?! Good news is, I learn fast, and can only get better from here:-)

These little guys were for a customer - doing an Easter dinner tonight, with a "lamb" theme.

Almond cake, filled with raspberry, topped with almond buttercream and a cute little lamb
So anyway, I won't turn this blog into a cookie one, if you want to see pics of all my work, you can like me on facebook for updates. I'm sure I'll post about how it's going from time to time, since it's part of life, and that's what this is all about: Living life, and sharing the journey!

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