Thursday, April 10, 2014

Awana Grand Prix

A fathers never ending quest to make a fast car:-)...This year was Grey's first year to race, since it's his first year in the Awana program. The kids had SO much fun, let me tell you! Especially because...Grey WON...third place (Cubbies category). But it feels like a 1st place win around here;-)
Kids with their cars, and their celebratory frosty's! (This is Kenna's final year as a Sparks, she's on to the "big kids" with Truth & Training next year, yikes!)
And here's Grey with his big trophy! He is quite proud of it.
The cars - Well, they actually raced well. Kenna's was the slowest all around, but the boys ones were both fast. They run your car 4 times (once on each lane), and throw out the bottom score, highest combined score wins!
Brooks went 180.3 mph in this lane!

Kenna's car always ran in the 177-179 mph range

Grey happened to win this heat, with 179.1, which I think was actually his slowest race. One of the heats he took second place by one one thousandth of a second!

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