Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Painting Things

After such success with spray painting my light fixture, I suppose I was inspired! In preparation for Kenna's party, I pulled out the cupcake holder. I bought this thing from Walmart, for $5 on clearance one year after Valentines. It's red. I'm always griping about the colour (it never matches the desserts I make). After saying "I hate this thing, it's going to clash with the cupcakes", which were pink - I was struck. PAINT IT. Why not?!
I used the same black spray paint that I used on the light fixture. Done! Love it!!
This is our beloved "marble game". Kids of all ages just love it. A simple "old fashioned" toy, but one worth having. Enter May (the girl I babysit), she has a knack for colouring on my stuff. I'd thought about painting this thing, but knew the crayon would bleed through. Recently Brian bought some Kilz paint for a project on the house, and I knew that was my sign. I Kilz'd the trouble spots, and set to painting it...
I decided to do a fun, bright colour...and one I already had on hand! It's yellow paint, left over from our yellow front doors at the Hugo house! I decided to use some of that up, and make this fun to look at. It had never been painted before, so the raw wood soaked up the paint. It took a few coats to get it covered well. Which was a little tedious.
It's all done and ready for use! Isn't it CUTE?! I really do love it in the yellow, I just love the "happy" it brings to it's little corner of the room!

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