Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Watching Laughs

I realize this video is a tad long, but there just wasn't anything I could cut out. I mean, her voice inflection alone is worth the listen. I had suggested they go out and see if any turtles had re-appeared after the long winter hibernation. They asked for the camera a few minutes later.

This produced about 30 basically useless pictures of our neighbours trailer.
Well, actually, if you look closely, it's not *just* the trailer. There are the birds that were attacking each other, as she states in the video. Apparently they were swirling around and pecking at each others beaks. Which sounds to me like it was likely some kind of mating ritual, maybe, and not a genuine bird fight. But in the interest of not having to explain what a mating ritual is, we're sticking with bird fight.

oh wait, there is a bird in this picture!

I think this is a nest maybe?

Two birds! And they are the ones accused of fighting I believe
So, this video is 3 minutes of your time, well spent:-) Well, if you want to hear such wonders as
"I know that sounds like a once in a life time, but..." and "Brooks is new to bird watching, so excuse that". In other news, her camera skills have improved, and the footage is no longer nausea-inducing:-)


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  1. I am a former teacher so I love this. I also am a birder so I really love this. This is a great way to startl