Friday, December 20, 2013


Well, things are coming together nicely for Christmas. I left my shopping until really late this year, but it was pretty easy to catch less than a week, I got it all done! We only buy our kids 1 present each (they get some from other family members, which means they get about 4-5 presents each, which I consider to be more than enough. It's about all *I* can handle anyway, haha!!)

It's been really fun to watch their "giving" hearts grow. Yes, they do have their wish lists (topping the wishes this year are umbrellas, a Believix Fairy (that flies), and a skateboard. I think they will be pleased with the results;-) But they really don't focus on what they want, too much. Maybe because they don't get much/everything they desire? - not on a regular basis anyway. It's been easier than I would have thought it would be to focus their little hearts on giving to others, and not worrying about what we will get in return.

They used all their points at the Awana store this year to buy presents for the family, and they are so excited to give them! Grey bought something for Kenna & Brooks, and 2 cars for himself...that he will share with Mom & Dad he said:-)

And I've been making a few handmade items to give to people. Just as a small gift, or a "stocking stuffer" type thing. It's fun for me, and hopefully people like getting them - not tooo cheesy or "homemade" looking! I think I already posted about the drink coasters I was making.

Here are a few more things I've whipped up to give away...
Some 3x3 cards, in a little box.
More little cards. Black and gold. So elegant!
Buying a gingerbread house "kit"...definitely hitting the easy button there, but anyway...the store had a few options - gingerbread, a chocolate cookie house, or a Hello Kitty sugar cookie house. I don't like gingerbread, so I suggested we get something better tasting. Let the debating commence. After a few minutes of back and forth, Brooks hands the pink box to Kenna and says "For you, since you're surrounded by boys". Haha. So nice of him to think of his sister. Regardless of the colour, it's all candy and icing, so the boys really don't care that much - as long as there is candy! We waited for a day when Daddy could do it with them. He hasn't been home much recently (while they are still awake anyway), so he helped them decorate.
"Gingerbread" house-making

Happy little faces
I made a big snowman cookie to give away. He's soo cute!
hmmm. I can't get him to rotate:-/

Cute nose!
 And I made a spare big cookie for us! Last time I made these, I made 4 of them, and gave them all away, and the kids were so disappointed. I promised them the next time I made a big cookie, I would make one for us too.

But I ran out of icing to do ours - so it's totally ugly, but will likely be entirely gone tomorrow, so who cares, right?! It is funny to me the contrast though. One so cute, one so not.

If you've been keeping up with my Instagram feed, you've seen basically what has gone on around here. It's been pretty relaxing, just a few small things each day to get ready for the holiday. I have the turkey in the freezer, and very close to all the other ingredients for sides and stuff on hand. We are looking forward to a relaxing day (1.5 days off for Brian. Which in "Brian time" is like 2 weeks off!), eating lots of yummy food, enjoying each other's company, and thanking the Lord for all His goodness to us - from sending His Son to earth, to our daily provisions and extras for "wants" like Christmas gifts.

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