Saturday, December 7, 2013

How To Become A Stre

I found a list, made collaboratively by Kenna & Brooks. How Tow Become A Stre.

It is a 6 Step Plan. And pretty much guaranteed to result in instant stardom! If you are able to follow the directions precisely, that is. Might be harder than it seems, at first;-)

1. Moove Shoulver
2. Turn a rowd
3. Moove arms
4. Tricks
5. Moove feet
6. Moove booty (It said "boote", but an erase and re-write was attempted after I snickered when I read it. Although my snickering was NOT at the mis-spelling, they apparently thought it was since really, I should have no other reason to be laughing at this very serious list:-)

So moove over! I need to go practice! My stardom depends on it:-)

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