Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, and Plain Christmas

Brooks likened these three days, and their names to God. You know "like, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and Plain God"

Christmas Adam: New holiday tradition for us, starting this year! We went shopping with Brian and I got to pick out my gift - I was really in need of a "nice" purse. All my purses/bags are messenger style, over the shoulder, cloth, comfy, and useful...and attractive enough, for what they are. What I do not own is a single purse I can wear with heels, or anything a little 'dressier'. Granted, I don't have occasion for this very often, but I'd bring it to church...and Brian's work Christmas party really accentuated the need for something a little less cas to go with nicer outfits. I told Brian just what I wanted. It was not complicated, I think "Fancy, but not too fancy. Leather, but dull not shiny. Black or dark brown, not tan. 1 strap preferred, but short straps either way" Uhhh. I was trying to be helpful, so I got something I can use for years! - Well, I guess all the specificity scared him a little, and he let me pick it out myself:-) There is something fun about surprises...but there is also something fun in getting the exact thing you want - so I don't mind losing the surprise for the perfect gift:-D

This Nine West beauty is what I picked out! I loooooove it! It looks shiny in the pic due to the flash, but it's the "dull look". Perfectly my style.
Then we watched The Nativity Story movie as a family, and I think that will be a yearly tradition. It really brought the story to life for the kids, and they had all kinds of questions they had not thought to ask before (including Grey's heavy duty Q - when all the boy babies were being killed he says "did dose babies know Jesus? So they can go to heaven, right?"

Suggested Christmas Adam tradition: Family Movie Night (The Nativity Story)  & Shopping for last minute/perfect gifts:-)

Christmas Eve: Our church was holding a service, but Brian was not feeling well, so we skipped it. --And kinda glad we did, as he ended up throwing up in the night:-(

I had already planned to deliver a few homemade gifts earlier in the day, and we saw "real Santa" driving around in a car full of presents and toys. "Race him, Mom!!" was Grey's battle cry:-). We met Daddy for lunch, and came home to rest and get ready for fun!!
We ate ice cream sundae's for dinner. A hit and a half! We've never done only ice cream for a meal before, with no other food, and the kids were on cloud nine! I did include bananas in the sundae...for a "real food" feel :-)

We let the kids open a Christmas present - Despicable Me 2. We all watched it together, and it was hilarious! Then we all played Boggle together, and had lots of fun. Brian won, of course:-) It was the kids first time to play, and it was fun to see them "get it" with each  passing round, finding more and more words. They did great! We put them to bed around 9:15, and they were again, thrilled with this "late night" fun:-)

Plain Christmas: We had Dale & Lauren over for brunch, as well as Dale's parents (Ray & Kitty). He is an only child, and they only live a few minutes away from us, so it was fun to have them come over and share in the festivities too.
 We took turns opening gifts, and the kids were so patient waiting to open the next one, and excited for what everyone else got, and excited to see the gifts they gave opened, etc. It was a really cute, fun and special morning.  I was really worried Brian, who was sick in the night, would be in bed all day, but thankfully, he felt much better in the morning, and as the day went on. Whew. A quick bug, and all of the rest of us are fine!

 Everyone loved their gifts, and got to work, right away on making good use of them...

Christmas Day nappers
I love homemade things! These are some of my fave gifts from this year - stocking stuffers made by Lauren! She made me homemade vanilla extract (it's made with a vanilla bean, either vodka or bourbon, and lots of time to sit and blend). And for Brian - Bacon Jam. Yes. Jam. Lol. It's a sweet and savoury jam, will be excellent on biscuits, I'd imagine. Then also a Bacon seasoning "rub" for other meats etc. Can't wait to try!

The boys got skateboards (hence the helmet to go with:-), and lots of Lego from their Cousins Gift Exchange. The Lego sets are really really cool...

He's captivated! And his new fox looks on...

 Some leftovers! YUM!

Chocolate Pecan Pie? YES PLEASE!
It was a wonderful day, full of laughter, memories & good food. So grateful for friends and family to celebrate with! And thank you ALL for the excellent gifts!

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