Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas Adam

This morning, I had a dentist 9am. Boo. So on my first day off...there was no sleeping in! While I was still waking up/refusing to get out of bed, even though I likely should, Brooks comes in...

Brooks: Is today Christmas Eve?
Me: No, it's December 23rd
Brooks: So is it Christmas Adam? took me a second to get that...haha!! So I delve into a lengthy explanation of the meaning of the word eve, and it's various uses, and explain that it is not named after Eve, in the Bible.
Brooks, with a somewhat "eyes glazed over" expression: Oh. we get to open presents on Christmas Adam?

...Sometimes it's really hard for me to tell if my kids are genius, or really really dumb.

But I'd say, a new holiday tradition has been birthed.

Happy Christmas Adam, all!! (Bolgerism;-) I think that maybe we'll come up with some celebratory traditions so we can do this every year...the 23rd is also Festivus (of Seinfeld fame), so we have some competition for the holiday. Although, perhaps the inspiration can be chalked up to the greatest Festivus miracle of all time. ;-)

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