Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day

So, part of Kenna's gift this year was a dollhouse. A playmobil one! Since everyone was back to work on Thursday/Boxing Day, we set out to have a bit of fun...

For anyone who may not know, Playmobil is the greatest toy known to man. Seriously. And also, I owned ALL OF IT, growing up. Not even kidding.

So around 8 in the morning, I went up to the attic, and found it all. Tote, upon tote, upon tote. I believe I brought down six 18 gallon totes, and there was maybe 1 or more still up there.

The kids eyes were bugging out of their heads! I assured them that we would NOT be using all of this. At least not all at once. Growing up, we had a large room, with five 8 ft tables in the center (so you could only walk around the perimeter of the room) set up with all our stuff (and we still had bins that weren't being used). I don't have enough space for that right now, although, someday, it would be fun!
I located the big Victorian house. Wish  me luck!
As I was setting up the house, Kenna was full of questions - ridiculous, picky little questions like what colour was the curtains in the kids room and stuff. So I said "I don't remember, we'll have to see" - I guess I said that a few times to all her inquiries, and then she says "Of course you don't remember, this house is back from when phones were clipped to the wall!"

Oh yes. Back in those crazy old fashioned days (known to me as the 90's and to my kids as the nineteen hundreds).

I bought this house, with my brother Jared (we bought and shared most of our things together, while Brent and Lauryn had their separate sets/things)...I was 13 years old when we got this Victorian house - So this is a vintage 21 year old doll house!
Assembled!! Notice the smaller Victorian house in the corner - I gave her that to play with last year, to "test out" her responsible-ness. She used it with Playmobil 123 things inside. I took it down and packed it up, we don't have room for both set up:-)

This is only a fraction of the people - only people. Wow. It was overwhelming, actually.

Some of the totes. So many toys.
Ok, so I started this around 8:00am, and when Brian came home at 4ish, I was just starting to assemble Brooks' barn. It took ALL DAY! But it was a fun day!
Isaac is reading the paper, William is riding the hobby horse.

Janet, with tea

Earecka, Spencer and Milo, the cat

It's all set up!

Brooks has the animals, a pony barn, and the cowboys/farmhands. It's about all we have room for on the 5ft table in Kenna's room

Happy Girl!

Toys built to last!
The kids were oohing and aahing over all the things we didn't use. I suggested maybe each year we can swap it out and set up a new thing each year to use (one at a time, instead of all at once, for space reasons). I have many more buildings and houses they can use (although this dollhouse is the largest, and grandest)

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