Monday, October 21, 2013

Washington DC

The Bears were playing the Redskins...and my Dad (an avid NFL fan, which is rare for Canada where there is only the CFL) has never seen an NFL game in person...and "his team" is the Bears! My mom gave him the tickets for his birthday, which was essentially the reason for the whole trip:-)

So we took off for DC on Saturday afternoon - it was a quick trip up there for the game and some sightseeing (we made it to our hotel in just under 3 hours!)
The band! The Redskins are one of the few NFL teams to still have a band, I believe
Dad, Brian, Lehman, and my brother in law Dale attended the game together and had a blast!


And some pics - somewhat out of order, from the rest of DC.
Sunday morning - you can see his crabby mood on his crabby face. Joy

It's bobble headed Me!! This mirror was super weird and made your head much larger than your shoulder-less body
 We drove around DC and saw some sights, the only thing we got out of the car to see was the Jefferson Memorial. This was because we only had a few hours, and also, my Mom can't walk a lot/great distances so we had to be careful with what we chose to do (she has back surgery coming up this winter that should fix that!)
The Potomac and the Washington Monument from the view of the Jefferson Memorial. We saw the Monument up close, but it is covered to the tippy-top with scaffolding, which makes it look weird/not quite nice and normal

I love domed ceilings. They are amazing

Aunties with niece & nephew

his best statue face

My Loves

There is the White House! See it?! In person, you could see it quite well, but through a camera, things always seem farther away somehow?

White House, again. We drove by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but of course from the street you can't see absolutely any portion of the White House at all (one of my biggest complaints about DC!).

I was wearing my go-to Canada sweater. Nothing says "tourist" like a Canada sweater in DC:-)

Lauren was with us of course, since Dale was with the guys at the football game
 We saw some pretty buildings as we drove around


Ahhh, my Canada sweater fits right in, now:-) Due to the excessive number of Canadian flags, I am assuming this is the consulate or embassy

The Capitol is gorgeous - I wished we had time for an inside tour (though, not sure it's open on Sundays)

Swimming in the hotel. It was a REALLY nice hotel, actually, and very affordable too!

Being silly boys

Brotherly love!

My Boy. You can totally SEE the tired on his face, poor thing. He's been working a lot lately.

The Jefferson Memorial
The inscriptions on the walls of the Memorial - All from Jefferson's writings, of course. Engraved around the base of the dome ceiling is "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man"

Grey & Noni
It was a quick trip, but really really fun. I was super glad to see a bit of DC again, I'd really love to go without kids sometime so I can enjoy it sans whining about feet, shoes, legs, food, eyes, arms, drinks, sweaters, heat, wind, food, drinks, legs, feet, shoes...I think you get the idea:-) It was a really fun way to end the trip though, I thought.

We rolled into Willow house just after midnight, and we're taking it easy today, getting the house back in order, and catching up on SLEEP:-)

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