Thursday, October 10, 2013

Animal Jungle

Alrighty! We now have internet at Willow house, yay! AND, some of my family is here, and we've been having a good time so far. Posted a few Instagram pics, but mainly I've been too busy having fun to take pics, haha!! Making up for it today...

May's birthday! She's two now! We went out to Animal Jungle, and then for pizza at lunch

A random parrot, Brooks and May

All the kids got to hold the medium sized parrots and cockatiels,, it was pretty cool!

Brooks was nervous to go in at first, but was very brave!

some turtles, and that's a sting ray under them!

Lehman & Maryn, my 15 & 13 year old siblings:-)

Sonny holding a BIG one, like Nigel, in Rio:-)

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