Monday, October 21, 2013

Kennedy Trip Catch up

My poor blog! It's never suffered such a lack-of-posting before! I know it feels neglected. Here's the skinny, if you haven't heard by now - we hastily moved out of Hugo house and into Willow because of a squirrel. We moved quicker than we thought, really - and had no internet at the Willow house. This makes posting very difficult of course. Then on October 5th...5 members of my family came for a vacation. It was fun, and busy - and of course it's hard to find the time to post things when you don't have much "down time" - for trying to cram in lots of family time/visiting. (We got internet on Oct 8th...yay) We had a blast with everyone! We made a whirl wind trip to DC for a Skins/Bears game, and said goodbye!

So now it's time for picture overload:-) I'll probably try to break it up over a few posts, and things will not necessarily be in the order they occurred, but at least they are documented!

Well, something fun we did...we (my mom & I) surprised everyone with tickets to the Zac Brown Band. It rained pretty much the whole first week they were here, and we were very lucky that it stopped on Saturday...but the ground was very saturated, and we had lawn seats!

We got a little wet, but we had fun! We ate at Jimmy John's on the way over to the amphitheater, and it was not only their first time to have Jimmy John's (not in Canada), but my first time too!
Maryn & Jillaine

Lehman, Dad & Brian

Waiting for the concert to start...and all the people to arrive - it was a sold out show, and the lawn was not empty like this for long!
We did a full Thanksgiving meal on Monday for Canadian Thanksgiving - Dale & Lauren joined us, and I neglected to get a single picture:-/ It was delicious!! This time of year, I couldn't find a turkey big enough for us all, so I got two 9.5lb ones:-)

Soccer! It was picture day too, so we had lots of time at the field. It rained a little during Grey's game, but he was a champ! Showing off all his best moves for Grandma & Grandpa!

Pull that hair!

Does he look like Uncle Lehman now?

A "zerpert" - blowing onto someones cheek.
Brian took my siblings to Sandbridge Beach one day. They buried Lehman, and I joked that they should have made him a mermaid, complete with boobs, haha!!
Oops, back to soccer! Brooks and Kenna played very well! We got to see quite a few good moves and plays by each of them


The weather was nice, when it wasn't raining:-) They got to swim in the ocean from 3 different locations...East Beach (2x), Virginia Beach and Sandbridge Beach!
I'll post about DC in a separate post -

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I'm sad they didn't seize the mermaid opportunity though ahhaha!