Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beach in October

It finally stopped raining! to the beach we go again!

I guess we weren't sure which direction we were heading:-)

Kennedy family at VA Beach!

Sonny asked Jillaine if my Dad was his real Grandpa. We decided that Sonny's "fake Grandpa" could be called Faux-pa. Haha!!

getting wet...with no swimsuits:-)

wavy, foamy water

Grey got knocked down and rolled around by some big waves:-)

Maryn & Lehman are my youngest siblings

My youngest brother, Lehman (15 years old)

Brooks (6 years old)

Kenna (7 years old)

One of my sisters, Jillaine (17 years old)

Sonny & Grey are best buds (both 3 years old)

Grandpa and Grandma with 3 of their 11 grandkids:-)...the only born-American members of the Canadian Kennedy family!

How cute is that?!

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