Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a very nice Thanksgiving together with Brian's family. I guess it's always too short. We took the kids out Black Friday shopping at 9am, and snagged a few good deals/Christmas presents. It was tricky to try and find things without them seeing, and Grey's little face, clutching his favourite hot wheels saying "you buy this for me, please?. Wiff yer monies?" was almost enough to crack me and buy it for him on the spot!

We also spent quite a bit of time in introspection. It is not always (er, ever) fun to see the intimate parts of your heart exposed. To see how your actions are perceived. To realize and have reinforced how attitudes and perceptions have impact. We are, in this house, incredibly grateful for God's forgiveness. It is healthy to realize how human we are, how flawed, how reliant on self, how much we need our wonderful Saviour. Lessons deeply learned. Children who will learn better than their parents, in the future. Parents, who will strive after the things God loves, and hopefully maintain vision and focus without distraction as life moves along.

Introspection inevitably leads us around to gratefulness, and thanksgiving. We have been supremely blessed. At every twist and turn life brings, we see provision, grace, blessings, love...things that God is graciously bestowing on us, and not things we merit of our own doings. Things that do not go unnoticed by us for a moment. But it's something about this time of year I guess, that makes you especially notice all the wonderful things you have, and all of the myriads of ways those things could be stripped from you in an instant. Somber. Blessed.

So family. Brian can always get a rise out of the girls and a snicker out of the boys. The "new family members/husbands", Jake & Dale are so great! We had such an enjoyable time of bonding and laughter.

Redskins vs Cowboys. So many rivals squished all on one couch:-) Dale's parents joined us on Thursday and we were so glad they did!
3 generations, playing football. Great times.

Great catches!

Great Throws!
Squeezing in a pic around midnight - tired, but happy!

Great food! Here is an egg nog pie I made, and it was really yummy - and I don't even like egg nog!
Kenna fell asleep at 6pm on the couch on Saturday night. This NEVER happens with the social girl! A tiring weekend for all:-)

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