Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Love Song"

I think I've mentioned that my kids use up reams of paper per day, haven't I? I don't keep it all (or any of it)...it's waaaaay to much! But I thought I should document this one...I found the note, and couldn't really make heads or tails of it (still can't), so I asked Kenna.

"Oh, I was just writing a song", and she told me how it went. So just in case we have a future lyricist on our hands, I thought we should have proof of the very first original song she ever wrote. It was mostly just words, she said, she's not sure about the tune yet. It is titled "Love Song".

This one was for Brooks...My Hearts A Stareo, er stereo:-) Mostly all the words were left out of this one. And the OHohOHoh part is written as HA HA HA. When I pointed out this error in "sounding out", they both looked at ME like I was the crazy one.

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