Monday, November 19, 2012

Dr's Stats

From the doctors last week

Kennedy: 6yrs8mths H:44 1/2" W: 45 1/2lbs
Brooklyn: 5yrs6mths H: 44 1/2" W: 45 1/2lbs
Lleyton: 2yrs8mths H: 36 3/4" W:33 lbs 10 oz Head: 50 3/4cm

So Kenna and Brooks are officially twins! Lets see if I can remember the percentages she told me to go along with the measurements, which I have written down:-)

Kenna: H: 6% W: 34%
Brooks: H: 52% W: 69%
Grey: H: 75% W: 86% Head: 86%

1 comment:

  1. okay well if we add Mattea in there, we could have triplets! (who look nothing alike:-P) She is around 42 inches (I think?) and is around 39 lbs!

    and I think Kayla is taller than Grey! She was the same height at her 18 month appointment! But he definitely has a few pounds on her;-) I think she is around 29 lbs.