Sunday, November 4, 2012

Picture Update

It's been a busy, random kind of are a few pics...

I found one of Brian's old testimony tapes. We gave it a listen and had a few laughs...I left IBLP Headquarters in '99 (but worked remotely until June '01) so this was my first time hearing it. It was pretty great, for old times sake.
Everybody loves this goofy face...
I opened my fridge on Friday morning and came to a startling revelation. I am a cow.
Kenna's art always makes me smile...
Ever since Sandy rolled through town, we've been having chilly weather! No more flip flops and shorts:-( Winter clothes are officially out and in use.
He wanted an up close shot of the bee on his shirt:-)...oh look...a normal face!
Grey and Ardyn, watching the big kids soccer game. There is only one game left in the season. This week, I signed Brooksie up to play basketball on a Kindergarten team, which starts in January...should be CUTE.

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